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Will you help us?

We've worked long and hard -- looked high and low -- and some of our class members haven't yet been located.  And we may still have some inaccurate addresses.  If you've moved in the past few years, it's very possible we have an incorrect address for you -- would you be so kind as to email Joyce Bredehoeft Kuhl to let her know how we can find you?  Following are some people for whom we haven't been able to locate any address yet:

  • Ruth Bass
  • Carolyn Bean
  • Shirley Kennedy

We have addresses for the following people which may or may not be correct -- we've had no response from them:

  • Jerry Gilkey
  • Joseph "Gene" Wehmeyer

And here's where the rest of the class members live (I've intentionally omitted your mailing address -- if for personal reasons, you do not want even the city and state shown, please email me and I'll immediately remove it):

  • Harry Alpers, Concordia MO
  • Charlie Arensmeier, Okemos MI
  • James Arfmann, Blue Springs MO
  • Suebet (Lloyd) Beck, Jefferson City MO
  • Margaret "Meg" (Houston) Bond, Paola KS
  • Judy (Gilkey) Borgstadt, Higginsville MO
  • Donna (Bowman) Kolas, Higginsville MO
  • Mary (Gerkey) Fisher, Higginsville MO
  • Wayne Fisher, Higginsville MO
  • Russell Gash, Lake Isabella CA
  • Carl Gosoroski, Higginsville MO
  • Charles "Judgie" Green, Breckenridge MO
  • Joyce (Houston) Grigsby, Gainesville GA
  • Jerry Groves, Higginsville MO
  • Donna (Morrow) Gucker, Black Diamond WA
  • Joyce (Kelly) Guillemot, Oak Grove MO
  • Nettie (Lee) Haynes, Kansas City MO
  • Julie (Blake) Hicks, Edwardsville IL
  • Harriett (Ehlebracht) Huemann, Bertrand MO
  • Donald Jackson, San Diego CA
  • Janice Soendker Jenkins, Lee's Summit MO
  • Larry Jenkins, Gilbert AZ
  • Eugene Jensen, Orrick MO
  • Barbara (Alpers) Johnson, Higginsville MO
  • Sonnie (Loch) Jones, Henderson NV
  • John Jungeblut, Corder MO
  • Mariella (Reinhart) Kelly, Kokomo IN
  • Lester Kelso, Higginsville MO
  • Allen Kisner, High Point NC
  • Joyce (Bredehoeft) Kuhl, Lubbock TX
  • Donna (Jenkins) Lamb, Marshall MO
  • Ruth (Manning) Lampman, Oak Grove MO
  • Jim Lieser, Higginsville MO
  • Larry McGinnis, Concordia MO
  • Sara (Poisal) McGinnis, Avon IN
  • Joyce (Horan) McMurtree, Clarksville AR
  • Kay (Helliker) Pierce, Liberty MO
  • Henry Proett, Higginsville MO
  • Paul and Julie (Meinershagen) Riekhof, Overland Park KS
  • Frank Riekhof, Higginsville MO
  • Shirley (Gadt) Rude, Claremont CA
  • Milburn Schumaker, Lee's Summit MO
  • Larry Schwensen, Overland Park KS
  • Bill Starke, Indian Wells CA
  • George Stone, Green Valley AZ
  • Bob Thoman, Higginsville MO
  • Patti (Repp) Tilly, Higginsville MO
  • Mary (Elmore) Williams, Higginsville MO
  • Mary (Beck) Williams, Lexington MO
  • Skip and Carol (James) Wilson, Springfield MO
  • Joanne Wolters, Tacoma WA
  • Wilburn Woods, Higginsville MO

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