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Photo Gallery, 2008



This was the group photo from the reunion in 1995.  If you'd like help identifying who is who, please email Joyce Bredehoeft Kuhl

Perhaps some of the snapshots below will help you with identification:
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Cheryl and John Jungeblut, Richard Jenkins Carol and Skip Wilson, Sonnie Jones Bill and Kay Starke, Judgie Green, Frank Riekhof's friend Donna Lamb
Donna Lamb, Brenda and Bob Thoman Ernest and Mary Williams John Sherman, Everett Gash, George Stone Gil and Donna Lamb
Janice and Richard Jenkins John Jungeblut Judgie Green, Frank Riekhof and friend, Bob Thoman Joyce Guillemot, Sonnie Jones, Cleo and Kay Pierce
Kathy Stone, Jim Lieser, Wayne Fisher, Donna Lamb, Joyce Guillemot Larry Schwensen, Larry and Carol Jenkins Norman and Nettie Haynes Paul and Julie Riekhof
  Shirley Rude and Brenda Thoman (Skip Wilson in the background) Paul Riekhof  

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